we stock and keep your goods

Aware of the welfare that each product offers for the health and care of people, we have certified and specialized storage centers available to our Customers for the proper and safe handling of their goods, supported by a technological structure that allows us to streamline operational processes and control in real-time each unit of stored product, providing timeliness and clarity in the response that our customers need to meet the commitments of their business.


  • We carry out technical acceptance procedures for products.
  • We systematically manage and control stocks within our WMS.
  • Currently, we have more than 4,500 locations for ambient temperature storage and around 180m 2 for cold chain products; however, it is estimated that by January 2022 we will increase this capacity by 6,094 locations and 400m 2, respectively.
  • We triage orders through the interfaces.
  • We use weight control systems to verify our packaging processes.
  • We manage more than 99.99% accuracy in inventory.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, our clients evaluate the security of our
    warehouses at 9.76.