We Offer More

We supplement our portfolio of logistics solutions by providing additional services that integrate our customers' supply chain processes in a holistic manner.

Complimentary Services:

RAW MATERIALS: We manage the purchase and delivery of raw materials for the production of pharmaceuticals.

QUALITY / INSPECTION: We support the quality and product control processes according to the regulations in force and the criteria defined by our clients, through the assignment and dedication of the competent internal staff.

RENTING / LEASING OF AREAS: Facilitamos a nuestros Clientes espacios idóneos para la ejecución de sus procesos administrativos al interior de las instalaciones de PHAREX.

PROCUREMENT / PURCHASE OF SUPPLIES: We efficiently and timely provide the supplies required by our customers by the required quality requirements.

ECO / ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE AND FINAL DISPOSAL: We have a network for the collection, disposal, and control of products that require destruction processes through authorized partners.