New ECOFLEX chiller chain system

In alliance with COLD CHAIN TECHNOLOGIES, we are pioneers in Colombia in reusable cold chain systems spanning more than 100 hours.


  • It is estimated that nearly 2.8 billion pesos are lost every year in the pharmaceutical sector because of the excursion of cold chain products.
  • Logistics companies use traditional systems with water gels and polystyrene boxes that may take more than 500 years to degrade.
  • Colombia's environmental regulations are constantly being evaluated and stricter standards are being developed.
  • As life expectancy increases, new solutions and therapies derived from biologics are needed to protect people's health.
  • Traditional cold chain systems have an average storage time of 36 hours and typically require frost replacement.

The ECOFLEX challenge

  • Define and ensure a longer shelf life for refrigeration temperatures in excess of 48 hours.
  • Fulfill the need to preserve the product in optimum conditions for patients.
  • Reduce system handling and frost replacement processes while dispensing.

ECOFLEX is an environmentally friendly solution

  • The PCM (phase-changing material) that makes up the ECOFLEX system can be used for up to 36 months and when they reach their useful life, they are used for the manufacture of new products.
  • In addition, 95% of the components of vacuum insulated panels are bio-soluble materials.

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